CAC’s Healthiest Company comes to close

Over the past 30 days, local businesses have been competing against eachother to see who is Denver Tech Center’s healthiest company. Teams of 10 have been duking it out, fueled by the work out plans of CAC’s excellent personal trainers. The energy was excellent. Competitors were makking it in two and three times a day for some serious workouts (no joke Im not entirely sure how the hell they did it).

The end result was more than we could ahve asked for. Participants were thanksful for the kick in the ass to get started on working towards being fit. Its tough for people who arent exposed to this type of environment to understand the benefits. Fat people like to walk 1/4 mile and act like they have done something productive. Dont get me wrong, Im an advocate of anything semi-healthy for one’s self. But if you walk 1/4 to McDonald’s and eat $10 worth of food, needless to say its void. The participants of the healthiest company competition now know jsut how much of a pay off can come in as little as 30 days.

Im proud as hell of all of our participants. To thank all of them for their effort and enthusiasm we have set up a closing ceremony at a fine Italian restaurant in the area called Il Fornaio (look for a posting on the “Don’t Miss Out” page about this place). We are hosting free drinks and food, prize giveaways, honorable mentions, and anouncing the winners (Lockton Company). Should be a great event and we are excited to celebrate and join some new members to CAC…

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