Jelly (13th and Pearl)

Bianca and I set out on a hangover cure in the form of Denvers finest breakfast this morning. Well, Bianca wasn’t hungover, but I of course felt like dying yet another Sunday morning (must quit hitting the sauce). Our thoughts were Snooze or Lucille’s. If you have ever been to Denver, these are the breakfast hot spots. Lucille’s has the best biscuits I have ever shoved into my face. Snooze does snobby breakfast right.

This time we checked out a place by the name of Jelly. Located in the heart of Capital Hill, I cant believe I had no idea it was there until a week ago. A table for two took almost an hour. Well worth it. I dig on Benedict’s and Jelly delivered. If you are ever in the area check them out they will not disappoint.

Their menu offers breakfast with personality, everything on the menu was enticing. I can respect any place wher the owners are walking around serving guests and seating people. Do yourself a favor and check this place out….

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